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Our mission

Quality advice to clients. Banks and other financial corporations, investment funds, private equity funds, infrastructure funds, public authorities and construction companies. We offer our clients a valuable combination of knowledge, experience and contacts in the field of infrastructure construction

For the construction companies in Spain, the slowdown in infrastructure investment by government in Spain main consequence the need to open new markets outside Spain for failing to stop the recruitment and maintain production levels.

But to tackle these internationalization plans with the most construction companies see their capital requirements are higher and banks that had previously covered these needs can not continue to do so as they have to reduce the amount of your investment in this sector, very high to date. So investors should seek partners that are able to accompany them on this project.

On the other hand, all kinds of financial funds seek concrete and serious opportunities as possible to ensure that your investment may, being near the project undertake.

The need for infrastructure development in emerging countries joined the surplus production capacity, the need for financial support and excellent technical solvency of the Spanish construction industry makes this store great investment opportunities.

Our role is to ensure that both parties are in a time like the present as well as advice on the whole process.