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Our mission


We are a boutique real estate agency that exclusively looks for the best properties on sale in Madrid for our clients, whether for their own private use or as a prime investment opportunity, while guaranteeing an approachable and needs-specific service.

Market opportunity in Spain to invest in real estate thanks to the following factors:

– Significant increase in economic activity in Spain.
– Stability of the euro compared to the depreciation of currencies in other countries.
– Economic situation with low interest rates.
– Important decline in housing prices in Spain since the 2007 crisis and the start of a progressive recovery.
– Major revival over the last year in the real estate market for the development of new housing.
– Possibility of obtaining residence in Spain for foreign investors buying a property.
– Widespread belief that Madrid is the cheapest major capital city in Europe.
– Excellent standard of living in Spain and particularly in Madrid.
– Short supply of this type of housing in premium areas.
– Break in the stock of homes built before the crisis due to population growth.