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Our team

Socorro Fernández Larrea (EN)

Professional Group led by Socorro Fernández Larrea

Experience and deep knowledge (almost 25 years in responsible positions in management, strategy and planning, public and private)

Reliability, commitment, enthusiasm, commitment, creativity and efficiency in the search for solutions

Credibility, visibility, leadership, relationship and contacts (international networking partners prestige inside and outside, different disciplines ... institutional relations, production, legal, financial, human resources, systems, ...)

Socorro Fernández Larrea

I am an engineer with a clear road running initial public work has been focusing towards managing construction companies, where I found my true calling.

Throughout my career of over twenty years, both in private and in public administration, I have held senior positions that have allowed me to specialize

translated into business management in the reorganization of existing structures or creating new ones to achieve alignment with the objectives as well as the opening and consolidation of new markets for customers, which in recent years has resulted in required a process of internationalization of companies.

In these years I have seen the need to have a serious project, well structured and consecguir quality for your customers to trust your proposal

plus the convenience of visibility and integration into networks and clusters to facilitate commercial activities and the exchange of ideas and interests, which led me on a personal level to belong to a number of associations, national or international, in those in one way or another I have been involved full